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Lydia's Calendar

I will be at the following places and events for 2018


May 1  Lettie (Acrylic): Ottawa Valley Decorative Painters (OVDA), Ottawa, Ontario

Contact: shrubby50@hotmail.com


May 3-5  Sprite (Acrylic), Lettie (Acrylic), Snowy Owl in the Artic Sky (CP): Northern Expressions Decorative Artist, Traverse City, MI

Contact: sjzollinger@att.net   http://www.nedaoftc.org/



May 18-19 Knysna Elephant (CP), Little Bun Bun (Acrylic): NCC Northern Virginia

Contact: jmkirzl@cox.net



August 7-9

The Splits (CP), Dapper Dan (CP), Bijoux (Acrylic): HOOT Convention 2018




August 23-25 Resting Spot (CP), Knysna Elephant (CP), Pepper in the Posies (CP): Middle Tennesse Decorative Painters, Nashville, TN

Contact: domci@aol.com



August 27-28  Morning Light (CP), Just A Hop Away (Acrylic): Rocky Top Decorative Painters, Knoxville, TN



September 8-9  Project To Be Determined: Central New York Decorative Artists (CNYDA), Syracuse, NY

October 12-14 Projects To Be Determined: Paint 4 Joy, St. Albert, Alberta,

Contact: info@paint4joy.com   http://paint4joy.com/


October 20-22 Sally (Acrylic), Impala Trio (Acrylic), Resting Spot (CP): Painter's Paridise, Claymont, DE

Contact: Jodecart@aol.com   http://www.paintersparadise.com/2018-seminars-and-paint-ins/



October 24-27 The Perfect Perch (Acrylic), A Wee Break (CP): OKC Painting Palooza