Acrylic Painting Club Session Two

Early Flyer

Acrylic Painting Club had it’s first gift drawing last weekend and the next one is in June! There are also lots of free packets coming for all early subscribers to keep you busy until the school starts in August. Flyer Session 2Please remember to use my link on my homepage or click here to register.

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Margarita DVD and packet

Margarita was my design for Art Play Date 2014!! Art Play Date 2015 (JD in the Summer Sun) is now underway so Margarita is available for purchase.The complete DVD and e-packet is $24.95. You download the e-packet right away and I mail you the DVD. The e-packet by itself is also available.

Margarita adjusted copyright 300

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Acrylic Painting Club Session 2 – promo

Acrylic Painting Club is having a promotion for early registrations. As well as the bonus class there will be extra surprises offered.

Use my link for sign up

Promo Session 2

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Rome, Italy

Had just a wonderful time painting in Rome, Italy. Thank you to everyone who came out to paint with me. Thank you to Gelsomina for inviting me. Check out her e-shop!

collage day 1collage day 2

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Art Play Date 2015

Art Play Date’s  Kelly Hoernig’s  Bird and Nest bonus lesson is ready for you today!

Click here to join the fun https://www.e-junOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Art Play Date Bonus Lesson

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJD in the Summer Sun Art Play Date 2015Art Play Date has a wonderful Bonus Project which will be available April 3! Get your creative juices flowing and ready for the regular classes starting May 3.

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Contest Winners

The winners for the Color Pencil Play Date are Jill Land (Tina Price-White), Dolores Riccio (Pat Parker), Alise Duerr (Pat Lentine), Marilee Hierlihy (Lydia Steeves), Angela Anderson (Golda Rader). Thank you everyone for playing! Classes start March 16, 2015!

Next up is Art Play Date!! No excuses for not making art. If you are interested in joining these two play dates just go to my home page on my website.

Have fun!



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Color Pencil Play Date Contest

Color Pencil Play Date is running a contest for 5 free registrations. Winners will be announced Friday march 13! Just let me know if you would like to be entered and tell me…….do you like Fur or Feathers?

Fuzzy Love Color Pencil Play Date 2015 website Snowy Owl Copyrightcppd15 postcard 7in for facebook

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Creative Painting Convention Las Vegas

Vegas 2015

Thank you to everyone who came by to say “hi” at the convention! It was so good to meet you all and have a little visit. So much fun to put faces to names. It’s always nice to meet new people and conventions are the place to do it. And it was great to see old friends again.

Hope you all enjoyed your classes!

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The Difference the Background Colour Makes

Debutante Colored Pencils Club 2015 Debutante (light) Colored Pencils Club 2015The choice of background colour makes a huge difference to the mood, feeling, palette choice and procedure of creating art.

Debutante was originally designed for the darker background. Although it was a hot summer day my setting is my shady backyard. My subject matter is Mama chipmunk with her baby. There they are…perched at the edge of the patio looking through the leaves into the world beyond. Even though I wasn’t going for the big scary world, it is definitely a world of unknowns and perhaps Mama is telling her young one. You are ready now to take it on yourself.

Using black or a dark colour for the background is wonderful for help with creating the darker and mid-values. And surprisingly it wasn’t all that difficult getting the brighter values with my coloured pencil.

Two of my favourite “additions” to coloured pencil – OMS and pan pastels are not as effective on dark paper.

When I decided to redo this design on the light background I  found out very quickly that the mood of the piece changed dramatically. The heat of the summer day is keenly felt with the bright yellow sunshine background and the long cool shadows. The focus changes from the chipmunks looking out to the big world to having fun in the sun.  In fact, I probably would not call this piece Debutante anymore.

For this piece I had to work harder on the mid-values and the darks. I used the OMS to help me blend and I had to add a colour or two to the palette. And surprise, surprise I actually had to work a little harder to get my whites! The pan pastels were the perfect addition to the background to get the sunshine yellow!

Although I enjoyed doing both of these pieces….as well as the results……I have to ask myself what I was trying to achieve? What was my message? Because the answer to that question  was to depict the introducing of the young one to the bigger world my original decision is still the best.

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