Bobcat or a Lynx?

While at the Kaleidoscope of Color Northwest Decorative Artists convention in Seattle this September I visited the Northwest Trek where I was able to to see the difference between a Bobcat (left) and a Lynx (right). When I was researching for my book I looked at a lot of photos but there isn’t any better way than to look at the real thing!!

Bobcat kind of looks like a domestic tabby….. and look at the back of the ears! But wow oh wow look at the size of the feet on the lynx!!

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Colored Pencils Club

My blending techniques for coloured pencil video is an added benefit for those who have signed up for the Colored Pencils Club. This is a great on line event featuring 12 fabulous projects in coloured pencil. Go to my home page for more information and to sign up!!

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Art Play Date Contest

We are running another contest to give away FIVE FREE SPOTS for this year’s ART PLAY DATE. If you have signed up, you could win your money back. Contest closes July 8th. Email me if you would like to enter and let me know what intrigues you about this event.
There is still time to join this event if you would like. You have the videos until next year.
To sign up or view the projects, please go to my home page and click on the banner. That way they know how you got to the site. Thanks!!

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Little Foxy – part three

Sorry for the delay on this installment. I got a little distracted with the Art Play Date, finishing my book and going to The Tole Patch in Delaware!! They did an amazing job on their Little Foxies!

I use my Princeton Select Series 3750 1/8″ lunar blender to stipple the highlight. That way I get a texture and more variation in colour. Look closely at eyes. They have lots of flecks of colour in them. I stippled a highlight first and then I wiped my brush and stippled some darker brown flecks. And I even added some yellow to have a glow.

After the stippling, it’s time to float.

The floats are quite narrow for this guy. Narrow but not harsh. They still need to be blended. I did a brown float first – around the edge of the iris AND around the pupil. Then I repeated the floats with a well controlled black sideload.

Back to the lunar blender for a secondary highlight and a few sparkles.

After touching up and highlighting the membrane, float black again around the eye (on the fur this time) to set the eyes in.

The nose is also stippled and drybrushed with the 1/8″ lunar blender. Its always best to do things in layers rather than one bright step. That way you can control the values. Use your angle or flat to float the nostrils for a crisper edge. Again, look carefully at how a nostril is shaped. Dog noses will be similar to a fox.

I hope you have found a few bits of useful information to help you paint your animals.

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Art Play Date

Art Play Date was launched last week. The excitement is flowing! Don’t forget that you have access to all the lessons for a YEAR so you can sign up anytime! The easiest way to sign up is to return to my homepage and click on the banner. You will go to the official website and you can sign up there. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thanks!

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Art Play Date Project Gallery

You can see all the projects for the Art Play Date online event now!! They look wonderful. 25 classes for only $99.00.

If you haven’t signed up yet there is still time…

Sign up with me using my affiliate link. <a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”/a>

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Art Play Date

Art Play Date is coming closer. Kelly Hoernig has designed a sweet little bonus lesson which will going live on Thursday.

Have you signed up yet?

Sign up with me by returning to my home page and clicking on the Art Play Date banner.

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Art Play Date

Here is Margarita! She is my project for the online event called Art Play Date.

Twenty four of the industry’s leading artists have gotten together to offer you a different creative experience. Each week from May – October you will receive a lesson which consists of a pre recorded video and a corresponding PDF. You can stop and start the video and watch them as many times as you want.

Check out my Home Page for the other artists! Some great names! All 24 classes are yours for $99.00 total!!

This is a great opportunity to step outside the box and try many new techniques, mediums and styles.
Margarita is done with pan pastels, coloured pencil, solvents and a little surprise bling embellishment.

Please use the banner on the home page to link you to the site if you are interested in signing up. That is how I get paid and it would be greatly appreciated.

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Technical Talk about Creating Fur.

I use the Princeton Select Series 3750 filbert grainer to create my fur. “Grainer” is just another word for rake. And the word filbert refers to the rounded shape. The filbert shape is much easier to handle and manipulate than the straight across rake.

Consistency of paint is the key to successful painting with the rake.  If you struggle with a “rake” brush or “grainer”, it is most likely the consistency of your paint. If you feel the need to manhandle your brush to open the bristles, your consistency is incorrect. Try adding Easy Float and water (1:1) to the opaque colours (the lighter colours). And then just take the time to load the brush properly. The paint should flow effortlessly off your brush. You should barely have to touch the surface. And once loaded correctly, your brush should paint for a long time.


If you have transparent strokes you can put more on your animal. More strokes means more complex fur. And that is what gives the realism and depth.
Here is a photo of my beginning steps.

I have about three layers on here. You can see that it’s just the beginning. The structure is there but not everything is in the right place yet.
I love to rake with a neutral colour and then wash the transparent colours overtop.


This photo shows the painting further along. More detail has been added. I’ve also used the tried and true grid system to make sure features stay where they are supposed to.




Eyes and Nose are next.

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Design Notes

I have just finished a rather large painting and thought painters might be interested in some of my thoughts and steps as I worked through it.

I found a photo from Salthaven Wildlife Rescue, asked for their permission to use the photo and made a donation to their cause.

The photo was perfect except the background of course. It is a rescue operation and so the background was not a “natural’ setting. I searched photo sites as well as my own photos looking for a great out of focus background that could complement the fox in colour as well as setting.

I basecoated the background and drew in the two main elements of the design. I find it easier to place my “blotches” when I know where the main elements are.

Blotchy out of focus backgrounds are so much fun! I always start by just looking at the colours in the photo and choosing colours which look good to me. Then I start. Because the base colour is Black I started with the next dark colour I wanted. I like to use a glazing medium to give transparency. That way I can do a lot of layers and let previous colours glow through.
Little Foxy is in nature so a green is a natural choice. There are a lot of greens out there. I chose a few yellow greens to start with. Adding a yellow is nice to warm things up and reflect a bit of “Fox Colour”. And then a brighter colour to add some punch. I just go through my original choices of colours adding them here and there, looking at them, making my choices. I soon disregard the photo and make the background what I want and what I decide is best for my subject. I think of value as I place my blotches. Where do I want the darks and lights?

Stay tuned for steps and thoughts on fur and eyes.

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