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Fall Crow Pastel e-Packet

I just felt like a crow in the fall would be a super fun idea for pastels!!

Pastels - Nupastels 24 pack of firm pastel color sticks. I have continued to design for this small
Box (with a couple of additions now and again….see below). Nupastels are on the firm side of
all the soft pastels and so are easier to handle. Of course, other brands are good too! Don’t get
anything less than 24 colours though. And make sure you do NOT buy oil pastels. They are
something different entirely. You may want a black pastel pencil to help with the eyes for this
project. Maybe buy a small set.
For this project I have added a more pigmented yellow-orange and yellow. The Nupastels
just don’t have the pigment power of other brands and they fall very short in the
yellow/orange category for this piece. To get the vibrancy in the background you will
definitely want to step up your pastel game.

If this is one of your first soft pastel paintings, I encourage you to view my two FREE in-depth
videos on my website. Beginning Your Pastel Journey Part 1 and 2. It will give you more
information on the medium, what pastels are out there and what to get, discussion about paper,
why you need an easel and some techniques to try. It is worth the view.

A FREE Basic mini video is also available which will fast track you to get started for one of my
demos or classes: pastels, paper choice, changing colour of your paper, transferring your line
drawing and set up of easel.

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Price: CDN$ 15.95