Multi Media!

Stop the presses! I have recently realized I actually have been a “multi media” artist for a quite a while!! I have often mixed two medias like acrylics and oil, watercolour or pastels and coloured pencil. I’ve used scrapbook papers, stamps, embellishments and stencils! And I have used the texture medias and metallic paints and lustres quite a bit as well!! What I tend to do, however, is keep it in a supporting role.

DecoArt has a full line of multi media products and I’ve gone full ahead combining the products with my favourite painting theme “Bad Cats at Christmas”. This piece is called “Charlie’s Angels” after my last litter of orphan babies who spent Christmas 2015 with us……and yes, we had to pluck them out of the tree constantly.

I’ll be at Painter’s Paradise April 15-17. Hope to see you there.



IMG_8768 IMG_8783 IMG_8820

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