Brush Care

Great time at the Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention!! I introduced the Princeton Select Series 3750 filbert grainers to quite a few painters while we painted Sprite. And of course how do you clean your brush at the end of a furry painting session? AsĀ  promised, here is a picture of what I use. They are actually surgical brushes. They are made of soft plastic bristles, perfect for getting in between the fine hairs of your filbert grainers. Although they were originally intended as surgical brushes, I buy them in the gardening section of Lee Valley Tools. They have an online store. I’m pretty sure you could get them in a kitchen store or a nail care store as well. The ones I get are only a couple of dollars each. Keep one in your water bucket during the painting session and then use it at the end with some soap to clean your brushes really well.


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