South Africa through The Netherlands

I’m almost back a month from another art journey. Where does the time go? I have gone to Spain and Greece in previous years and this time I had the supreme pleasure to travel to South Africa! I did manage to post many of the highlights on Facebook during the trip but thought I’d summarize a few things here on my blog. That way I can relive it just a little bit.

So we will start from the beginning…….

South Africa is a long ways from Ottawa and we traveled via Amsterdam. Because it was spring time and who does tulips better than the Dutch? We took the opportunity to visit The Keukenhof Gardens. Seven million tulips they boast and how could I miss that? It has been on my bucket list for quite a while. I kept seeing photos and could never quite believe them. I always thought that they had to be photo shopped or somehow filtered but was blown away when I stood there in real time. The colour was so rich and saturated. The grounds stunning! I  got lots of close ups too so hopefully a few will make their way into a packet or two! And of course the tasty treats of the Netherlands are not to be missed!


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