Wine and Art

Here we go on our painting adventure!

First Wine!

We leave Cape Town behind and head up through some spectacular scenery into the wine region. We stop off at a winery, attend a great show put on by rescued and injured owls and other flying predators and then a spectacular lunch!!

Second Art!

We are very honored to be welcomed into Dale and Mel Elliot‘s studio and gallery. (Click on the blue to see more of the father and son paintings.) We have a chance to see Mel at work where he shows us that we don’t always have to¬† work on a painting for hours. He does this one in 45 minutes. He will be going back with his oil paints to tweak.








Next we head to the Historic Village of Arniston. Here we will break out OUR paints and give it a try. All three of our artists show us their en plein air styles: Mel Elliot, Barbara Barrett and Kathie George.








En plein air is actually quite difficult. Choosing your scene, finding a seat and shutting out distractions all add to the challenge.








In the end, I take many shots of this little pest and paint him when I get to the hotel room.


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