South Africa Continued

Well I don’t know where the summer has gone and here I haven’t even finished talking about my wonderful South Africa trip! And this is the best part of it……animals and making art!!!

We left Arniston and headed to Botlierskop Game Reserve for glamping, game drives and walks with lions. Lunch was a feast for all senses. And the “tent” was out of this world. The shower was outdoors just to the right of the tub. A glass of sherry before we go? No time!

While the “tents” were first class,the transportation and roads were a tad more rustic. I’m tall but couldn’t reach the floor of the truck. Upper body work out!

The animals did not disappoint! And our cameras were clicking away making sure none of us missed anything. Here are just a few highlights… favourite animals.

Just before the sun went down we stopped for a refreshment….because we might be hungry….ha ha!!

But we were awestruck when we saw the giraffe on a faraway hill against the African sunset. I think this will be one of those memories that will never fade.

The next morning back out we went  for our “Walk with the Lions”. Meet Laya and Mufasa. It was just beautiful to see these magnificent animals up so close. The handlers were more for us it seemed. 🙂

The walk was fabulous and we learned all sorts of things about lions as well as the game reserve. Seems they really aren’t so different than my kitties….or at least that is what we thought so we stepped right up for photos!!!

One final installment coming up to show you that it truly was a painting trip.

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