Finally we paint!!

You have been probably wondering when the painting actually happened on this trip. We were “gathering” all along of course! But now we paint!

Knysna was our headquarters for the rest of our trip. We had a great studio space and we got to work right away……well……after “the bake” We had to keep our strength up.

We did mostly studio work but we also managed a bit of plein air at Knysna Head. What a gorgeous view!

The tide pools attracted a lot of children. They spent the whole morning studying the marine life. It was mesmerizing. I did manage to do a landscape, too but the children were wonderful subjects with their brightly coloured accessories. The sun was shining and they were having so much fun.

Of course my focus was on the animals and here are some of my paintings from the studio.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip and my resulting artwork. My next book will be an African theme!! Half coloured pencil and half acrylic.

And as you read this I am off to France for another “gathering” and studio paint in……with regularly scheduled times to “keep our strength up”!!



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