Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

A new year and some new beginnings! I don’t usually do the resolution thing (do you?) although I always have set goals for my artwork. But this year seems to be different. Maybe I hear the clock ticking and I still feel I have so much I want to accomplish. Perhaps it is the biting cold weather we are having and what better way to spend a cold winter day except in the studio. I have a house full of cats to keep me company and the best day always includes art supplies and kitties in a studio!

So this year I will be concentrating on my own artistic growth (No that doesn’t mean I won’t be hanging out with you guys, too. Check my calendar! I’ll be around!) I just thought you might like to join me on a new part of my artistic journey.

There are two main areas I want to explore. I discovered soft pastels a year or so ago and I am loving the rich colour and the vibrancy you can get with them. Time to pull them out and actively USE THEM! I did buy a little set of Senneliers when I was in France last fall and they are just gorgeous. 🙂 I have joined a pastel group with weekly challenges to get me moving. So much to learn with a new medium but art is art.

Here are a couple I’ve done so far. Little Bosley is representing the sparkle of the Christmas season and the line of pillows is from a photo I took in a little village on Santorini. I also hope to diversify my subject matter now and again. Yikes! Can I do it? I don’t know….a kitty in the warm sunshine might just perk up the painting!


The second area is to get my drawing skills back up to snuff and the only way to do that is to draw everyday. So the other challenge I have set myself is to do a sketch a day. I braved the cold yesterday and went off to my art shop for some sketchbooks. Had to come home for a cup of tea and what better place to start than my tea cup……but those darn kitties are everywhere!

It’s not that I know where I’m going you understand….just that I need to start the journey.

Wishing you a wonderful 2018!


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